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Patch 3.6 (pro-release: 11/20/2014, free-release: 12/3/2014)

New Objectives
-Jackson Street has a new quest called Caleb's Big Win which shows up once you're beyond Day 7 and have no debt. Help Caleb win a game and earn a new item - the Stopwatch, which doubles antes every other hand during Five Card Draw games. Using this item will require different playing strategy to succeed in all Five Card Draw venues including Bad Hand Murphy's and Dive in me.

-Stray Cat Pub has a new repeatable quest called Reigning Champions. Every night the winner at Stray Cat Pub is declared the Reigning Champion and is awarded a bonus pot. Every night you successfully defend your title the bonus pot grows larger (up to 5 nights). If you do not come back to defend your title a new Reigning Champion will be declared and the bonus pot resets.

-Several of Tino's mechanics have been redesigned. Tino now offers future loans for 5 days (down from 7) and will randomly come after you for outstanding debts. Once a debt is due there is a small chance he will find you on any given day, this means you can go for a while without paying your debt but it's a risk.

AI and Venue Improvements
-All Five Card Draw venues have rewritten AI. Opponents play smarter and exhibit more varied behavior, and bluffing can now sometimes be a viable strategy.

-Dive in me - I released this venue last year while also working on multiplayer and the AI was pretty bad, opponents now have a wider range of behaviors in this venue and the strategy is improved. You may still get a few games where the betting escalates quickly but most opponents here should now play more conservatively.

-Gold Rush has some rule changes because it used to be a money give-away: it pays 2:1, the game now uses 6 decks with no facecards, you can't split Aces and the Dealer wins on ties. If you split and get BlackJacks on both hands this is Double BlackJack and you win double.

-New AI has been written for use in games where the Ante doubles since that requires different strategy.

New Titles
-Fat Cat: awarded for surviving as the Reigning Champion five nights in a row at Stray Cat Pub.

-Pawn Star: awarded for obtaining all the items at Gideon's Pawn Shop.

UI Redesigns and Improvements
-Vegas has been split up into 4 sections: Outskirts, Lower/Mid and Upper Strip. This allows for faster level selection, better immersion and improved game mechanics. Each section has its own style and UI.

-Five Card Draw games now allow you to swap between your initial hand and your hand after the trading round (to see what cards you traded) at the end of each match.

-Five Card Draw games keep track of Rounds 1 and 2 in the lower left corner, keeps track of next Ante (when Antes double) in top-right corner.

-Multiple screens have been improved - Game standings should all fit on one page now, the Profile/Items/Character-Creation and Multiplayer-Lobby screens have better backgrounds, buttons are higher quality and the title screen has some new button sounds.

Bug Fixes and Misc
-I rewrote the whole multiplayer client so it should run smoother and more efficiently, and lots of minor bugs have been fixed.

-The Conquerer title wasn't being awarded properly - this is now fixed.

-Alot of items in the pro-version (Sunglasses, Family Jewels, etc.) had bugs that arise in certain situations or could lead to negative money, this is fixed.

-Abandoning games while you are On Fire or Electric will now reset your winning streak.

-Graphical and layout fixes for some different screen sizes and Android 5.0.

-HeyZap is gone, sorry if you used it.

-Lots of other small fixes, game text additions/changes, etc. Please let me know if you find any bugs (

Patch 3.5 (released 6/20/2014)

Multiplayer Open-Beta
-Play against other humans and/or a brand new AI in one of 6 multi-wing venues! New games spawn every 30 seconds.

-Earn Poker Points through playing and winning games. Points are accumulated on a weekly basis. Each venue awards different point amounts determined by the number of opponents you defeat there. Use Poker Points for purchasing items that affect gameplay (see below for details).

-Achieve rating within an ELO system tailored for multiple players (adapted from the original algorithm used for scoring wins/losses in chess). You have both an individual rating and a world ranking, the latter of which grants you access to the highest venue assuming you rank well.

-Use the avatar of any of the 180+ opponents you have defeated in the Singleplayer game!

New Items
-Multiplayer has new unique items that are independent from Singleplayer. Once in your inventory, items can be enabled or disabled. Enabled items provide the opportunity to alter the game's rules, or will confer your character with some special ability.

-10 Ballots... (50 points) - These are used to vote on game rules. At the start of every game, if you or another player in your game holds item(s) that allow for new game rules, you are all given the opportunity to cast a ballot and vote on rules for the upcoming game. The majority vote wins, and you can decline to vote; however if you leave a game prematurely without playing then your rating and world rank may suffer. Every ballot grants the ability to vote on one house-rule, one deck-rule, and one draw-rule, should items affecting those rules be present. Everybody starts with 10 free ballots and 1000 points.

-Badhand... (3250 points) - Adds the lowball house-rule where worst hand wins the pot! Aces are high, and the lowest possible hand is 2-3-4-5-7.

-HiLo... (4250 points) - Adds the hilo house-rule where the highest hand and the lowest hand split the pot. To qualify for lowest hand you must be holding an ace-high or lower.

-JackPots... (4250 points) - Adds the JackPots house-rule. The game starts as usual however nobody can open the betting unless they are holding a pair of Jacks or better. If nobody bets after the first round, everyone antes again and receives new cards, so the pot keeps growing with new antes until someone eventually opens the bet. Once the betting is opened, you can then call or raise regardless of your hand; the game proceeds as normal and the winner(s) take the pot.

-Royal Deck... (2250 points) - Play games with a Royal Deck (4 decks of only 10s thru aces).

-Super Deck... (2250 points) - Play games with 4 decks instead of 1.

-Double Draw... (2500 points) - Adds a second draw-phase to the game, so the game proceeds as follows: first betting round, then first draw phase where you trade your cards, then second betting round, then second draw phase, then hands are tallied and the pot is awarded accordingly.

-No Draw... (2500 points) - Use this to play games with no draw phase. You play with the cards you are dealt and the game has only one round of betting.

-FaceBluff... (1200 points) - Use this item to gain control over your avatar and express 1 of 4 emotions during your turn - Excited, Calm, Nervous or Angry.

-CardFolder... (5000 points) - Enabling this item allows you to see the folded cards of your opponent's after every match.

*Note that, in addition to the regular game rules, the AI for all venues has been updated to play games using any combination of the above game rules additions - any 1 house-rule, with any 1 deck-rule and any 1 draw-rule.

More Features
-Currency Exchange Booth - purchase multiplayer chips with your Singleplayer cash, or cash out your chips. Note that there is a tax on conversions.

-The Lobby has been redesigned to display all games you are currently queued for and their average wait-times. Queue for multiple games at once, and play the Singleplayer game or use any other app while you wait.

-All venues other than the first must be unlocked in order. To unlock a particular venue you must win a game in the preceeding venue.

-Game stats are kept similarly to the Singleplayer game. These can be viewed both in-game and on the website.

-Similarly to Singleplayer, all Multiplayer games use up 1 day. Keep this in mind if you have any outstanding debts.

-Antes double every other hand. This helps speed the game along and prevents players from sitting on their chips and constantly folding until they get the perfect hand.

Patch 3.4 (released 12/16/2013)

Multiplayer Alpha Testing (12/17/2013-1/12/2014)
-Create 2,3 or 4-player games in one of six different venues

-Earn points through playing and winning games. Spend those points on items that allow you to create games with new rules in your venue of choice.

-Exchange currencies between Singleplayer and Multiplayer.

-Progress through the singleplayer game by playing multiplayer.

-Multiplayer stats tracked.

-Play all games in windowed mode.

-Assorted single-player bug fixes.

Patch 3.3 (released 9/11/2013, 9/16/2013)

New Texas Hold'em Venues
-Regent Spade - plays Texas Hold'em with a royal deck (4 decks of 10s thru aces).

-Midnight Rambler - plays No-River Texas Hold'em which uses only 3 community cards instead of the usual 5 (yes these are real games I found them on Wiki).

New Texas Hold'em Items
2 new items have been added to Gideon's Pawn Shop:

-Superhand (60 coupons), turns all Hold'em venues into Super Texas Hold'em where everyone plays the whole game with 3 hole cards instead of 2.

-Badhand (60 coupons), turns all Hold'em venues into Lowball Texas Hold'em where the worst hand wins!

These items can be combined with existing ones, so you can make Super Lowball Hold'em, Lowball Pineapple Hold'em, Limit Super Hold'em, Limit Lowball Crazy Pineapple No-River Hold'em, and um... you get the idea.

New Options
-Hate the busy backgrounds? Now there's an option to turn them off, so each level background instead is just a different color of table felt (similar to how the backgrounds look on the Raise-Bet/Trade-Card screens).

-There's also an option to turn off full-screen (so you can see your phone's infobar while ingame).

-You will notice the "Upload Character" button now says "Multiplayer" and leads to a new console. You can still upload your character and visit the website via this new console.

-In some cases the existing Texas Hold'em AIs have been tweaked. I had to write completely new AIs for the new games and in the process tweaked some of the old stuff. If you notice any odd behavior please email me as there's alot of different combinations now and could be something I missed during testing.

-Many bug-fixes and optimizations (special thanks to everyone who emailed me to point these out! Please continue to do so - it's a big game and unfortunately I can't always catch everything prior to release).

*fixed a scoring bug that could sometimes cause Royal Straights to be counted as just Straights

*fixed bug where transfers didn't work because it said you had games in progress, even if you didn't

*fixed bug from last patch where games-in-progress sometimes don't save.

*fixed Conquerer and Victor titles so they are now awarded correctly.

*fixed a bug involving items being lost while melding (pro-version).

*fixed a bug where items could generate on the wrong-gendered opponent in High State Prison (pro-version).

*fixed alot of stuff under the hood, including a leak, and moving most devices over to a more efficient way to save data. There were some other bug-fixes too but I forgot to write them down.

Just an update on multiplayer
-I'm still working on it and plan to release open-alpha soon. Multiplayer right now is only Five Card Draw and should hopefully involve some new items and daily or weekly progression in a manner similar to the single-player game.

-So far I have the actual game working and playable all the way through with 4 players, and right now I'm working on what to do when people disconnect (and since there's so many different times/places people could potentially disconnect it's a real pain..).

-After that I need to add Stat accumulation, add levels, some items, make a few server-side adjustments and then it'll finally be ready for testing. I'm guessing at about a month but it may take a bit longer depending on how things go.

-If it's successful I'll consider adding Texas Holdem (because it's a ton of work and I still don't know how well it will actually operate on all the different devices out there, it's far more complicated than writing single-player stuff and perfect functionality sometimes depends on factors outside my control like how well your internet connection is, etc.).

-Also I may need to sell some of the multiplayer items or think of some other way to make money, because right now I'm paying more for these servers each month than I even make from selling the game. Maybe ads or something (although I hate ads), we'll see. Right now I'm just trying to get the thing up and running.

-So if you get bored and multiplayer five card draw sounds like fun then please check back later! Thanks again and please email me ( if you notice any bugs or anything.

Patch 3.2 (released 3/25/13)

New Server
- The game's database is moving over to a new server (I had to do this because the old server was too old to support multiplayer which I'll be writing this summer). This has many implications if you have an active internet connection - if you don't you can skip down:

-Your old website account will no longer work. You will need to create a new account.

-Your character data will be backed up automatically on the server after every game.

-You'll be able to use your account from any device, allowing you to transfer your characters across different devices (i.e. useful when you get a new phone).

-In the event of game crashes, you shouldn't lose anything because your device will just retrieve your old character data from the server.

-Register for the website with an email address, and during registration you can also opt to join the beta for multiplayer this summer. If you do, I'll email you more details when it's ready.

New Venues
-Bad Hand Murphy's - play Five Card Draw lowball, where the lowest hand wins!

-Dive In Me - play Five Card Draw with a royal deck (4 decks, all 10s thru aces).

Rankings Revamp
-Rankings have been revamped, the rankings screen is improved and all opponents you encounter have their own win/loss stats.

-In addition, you can see how many times you've defeated an opponent. You'll be able to select the face of any opponent you've defeated as your avatar if you use the website (and for multiplayer when it comes out).

Other Enhancements
-Sidepots have been added for the player in both Five Card Draw and Texas Hold'em. Whenever you go all-in, this will show you how much of the pot you can win.

-Better notification when you achieve a perfect game.

-Many memory improvements, game should perform much better on lower-end devices now.

-New music for in-game events (winning/losing games, loanshark etc).

Patch 3.0

Texas Hold'em
- 12 new venues offering Texas Hold'em have opened in Vegas! You can now progress through the game entirely while playing only Texas Hold'em, just as you can with Five Card Draw!

-Endgame for Texas Hold'em is a bit different than for Five Card Draw (i.e. the VIP card will not work for the later Texas Hold'em venues).

2 New Stores
-It's Never Enough (a bar) and Gideon's Pawnshop have opened to the player, and are accessible via the level selection screen.

- Kelky works at the bar and sells items that speed up (or slow down) gameplay. Please don't buy from her if you aren't 21. Also she has a disposition rating, and if you don't tip her every now and then her disposition toward you will lower. She uses the money she makes through tips to play poker - you might have seen her playing in Jackson Street before, but if you tip her enough she will start playing at higher venues as well.

- At Gideon's pawnshop you can acquire items to use in Texas Hold'em. You don't pay money for these - instead you purchase these goods with coupons. Coupons can be found anywhere, but mostly you will acquire them through winning Texas Hold'em games. Everyday some venues have a "Daily Double" special where they award 2 coupons to winners instead of just one.

New Items
-New items are coming for Texas Holdem that change and alter gameplay.

-For example, there's a monocle, which turns all Texas Holdem games from No Limit to Limit. There's also a Pineapple which allows you to play Pineapple Texas Holdem. Since you can use two items at once, you can use both the monocle and the pineapple to play Limit Pineapple Holdem.

-Some items are exclusive to the pro-version, others are available in both.

-In addition, several items from FCD will also work in Hold'em venues, but some others won't. Some items you will be able to meld together to work in both (you can meld items at Gideon's Pawnshop).

-Some items have had their values changed. For example, the fake mustache no longer works at higher levels where the VIP card is needed. Why? Because you need to have a high fame rating to enter there, and if you are wearing a fake mustache nobody knows who you are!

-Another example of this is the Insurance Card. The current Insurance Card has been changed so that it now only works for Five Card Draw (it gives you 10% of your money back if you lose). However, there is also an Insurance Card for Texas Hold'em venues. If you find both, you can bring them to Gideon's pawnshop and meld them together to form the Insurance Policy, which works in both Five Card Draw and Texas Hold'em and awards you 15% of your money back instead of 10%.

60+ New Opponents
-New opponents are playing inside the new venues. Starting a new game now will have you at Rank 175 (up from 113).

- Most opponents play either Five Card Draw or Texas Hold'em exclusively, a few play both. Consequently if an opponent who plays both has a bounty, you can earn that bounty defeating them at either game.

Ranks and Website Reboot
-Users of the 3.0 patch will find their ranks have been reset. This is unfortunately a consequence of adding new opponents to the game. However, it shouldn't take you long to climb the ranks again - a few wins at whatever venue you were playing in will have you back to where you were.

-Moreover, because of the additional ranks and resulting retirement point difference (including the fact that you now have more options for progression through the game), new characters created under 3.0 will be added to a new highscores list. This allows everyone to begin fresh on equal footing. All characters created prior to 3.0 will still be uploaded to the old(current) highscores list. (Same as the website reboot in 2.4).

Patch 2.4 (released 3/19/2012)

New Venues
- 4 New venues have opened on the upper-Strip, starting at $5 million buy-in. However, before you can enter these venues you will first need to obtain the VIP Card (ask Loan Shark Tino how to get one). You will also need to maintain a specific Fame rating while playing these venues. These venues are available in both versions of the game (free and pro)!

Snake Eyes Lounge
-The Snake Eyes Lounge has been opened to users of the Free version. This should help you to more quickly earn enough money to play at the higher venues. Suite 237 and Vegas Mainframe will remain available in the pro-version only.

More Opponents
-35+ more opponents, meaning 35+ more ranks to climb! Again some opponents only show up based on gender.

Items Revamp
-Equip two items at once!
-Consumable items added to the game! You win one after every game regardless of whether you win or lose. Eat/Drink these for a temporary (stacking) bonus. Available in both free/pro versions of the game.
-Luxury items added to the game! Visit Loan Shark Tino for more details. Available in both free/pro versions of the game.
-Regular items remain available only in pro-version.

Website Reboot
-Because the game now has more challenging content, new characters created in 2.4 will be uploaded to a new HighScores list. Characters created prior to 2.4 will still be uploaded to the old(current) HighScores list.

Unique Titles
-Earn new unique titles for your character by performing specific actions in-game. Some of these titles are hidden and will only become available once you've achieved success in some area. Once obtained you may elect to use one of these new titles rather than the title assigned to you by your Fame rating. Also retiring now grants you a title, and there are some new Retirement ranks.

New Stats
-Perfect games and winning streaks. Some items/titles are dependent on scoring a perfect game (hint!) which means defeating all 5 opponents. Earn bonuses while maintaining a winning streak for certain lengths of time.

Rankings Reset
-Unfortunately old characters will discover that their in-game ranks have been reset in 2.4. I'm sorry but this had to happen in order to add the new opponent's ranks. However you should have plenty of money by this point to rise up again in a game or two, or you can start a new character to get on the new Highscores list!

Venue Changes
-All Poker venues have changed back to using only 1 deck by default. Players can change the number of decks used if they have the appropriate luxury item equipped (see Tino for more information).

Bug Fixes
-Many small bug fixes and memory optimizations scattered about.

-Ads removed from free version (which should help resolve crashes and boost performance)
-Memory optimizations

Patch 2.3 (released 1/17/2012)

BlackJack venues
-New venues have popped up around Vegas offering Blackjack and Double Blackjack (a fun variation on Blackjack where your hand is always comprised of doubles). These venues are nearby and playing at them doesn't consume a day.

Existing Five Card venue changes
-Some venues have had their gameplay rules changed to include multiple decks, allowing for more variation. 5-of-a-kinds are now possible!

The End of Retirement
-Play the game beyond 30 days! Retirement scoring now only covers the first 30 days of your career, after which you can continue playing indefinitely. Your old retired saved characters are playable again!

Heyzap Disabled
-Heyzap is now disabled by default. You can enable it through options.

-Several tweaks to AI, players with high hands shouldn't fold so much anymore.
-Some memory optimizations to help several users still experiencing crashes. Something else you can do that may help the game run smoother is to move it onto your SD card. To do this go to the desktop or main screen on your phone and hit the menu button, then go to:

Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > then click the app you want > then there should be a button that says "Move to SD Card". Moving all your apps to the SD Card should help them run more smoothly.

-fixed a bug that could cause crashes during the poker game.
-daily cash change now includes money won/lost from Blackjack.

-some venues weren't giving the correct deck number, this is now fixed.
-fixed a bug that sometimes caused crashes during the poker game.

-fixed a bug that could cause Blackjack to crash.

-under Options you can now turn Big Cards on for larger cards, or leave it off for normal cards (off by default).
-fixed Vegas Mainframe AI problem where opponents were either too risky or too risk averse.
-fixed a bug that could affect the user's flag not showing up on the website.

Patch 2.2 (released 12/15/2011)

Website created
-Upload your game stats and see how you compare with other players. Dynamic top scores lists, character profiles and bug submission.

Heyzap Integration
-If you use Heyzap you can now earn achievements for playing Five Card Draw!

SD Card
-You can now move and save the game on your phone's SD Card.

Happy Holidays!
-New holiday character added.

Bug Fixes
-Fixed a bug in full-version that didn't let you sell an item unless it was equipped.

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